Firing Requirements

Rental Requirements

  • One-Time Firing 
  • Firing Includes Electricity and Ventilation Costs
  • Firings Must be Scheduled in Advance (1-2 Weeks)
  • Professional Studio Staff Loading / Unloading
  • 1-2 Week Firing Turnaround Times (ask about firing schedule)
  • Standard Cone 06 Bisque or Cone 6 Glaze Firing

Size Requirements:  We have a 1027-3 Skutt Kiln.  We will fire large and small groupings of small items (cups, bowls...etc) or medium sized sculpture.  

STEP 1: Submit Your Work

Please measure and submit your work - this MUST be done before you drop off your work. NOTE: Please make sure that the work can be seen clearly in the photo in case we need to identify the work later on.  Submit your work to and Include all of the following details:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Clay Type: (Cone 6 Clay Only)
  • Materials Used: (Underglazes, Slips, Engobes, Glazes (Cone 6 Only)...etc)
  • Type of Firing Required (Cone 06 Bisque or Cone 6 Glaze)
  • A Picture of your Work and Measurements.

STEP 2: Drop-Off Your Work

Only once you have submitted your work for firing at CeramicMeltdown Studio, please drop off your work 9am-5pm any day.

When you arrive, call the CeramicMeltdown Studio at 347-763-0223. You must be wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth entirely. While waiting, please make sure to appropriately socially distance by standing 6 feet apart.

Once inside Unpack your work and make sure to take all packing materials with you. You must obtain check-in approval from CeramicMeltdown staff member before leaving.

STEP 3: Pick Up Your Work

Most work is completed in 7-10 days; if you want to be very safe, please come 2 weeks after your work was dropped off. We will contact you when your piece is completed.

You can pick up your work during our open hours daily 9am-5pm

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NOTE: We will keep work for 1 months after it comes out of the kiln, but please try to pick up your work ASAP once we have notified you that it is ready so that we can continue to process work efficiently.

Questions? Please contact or call 347-763-0223