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Kiln Rental - 1/2 Kiln Shelf

Kiln Rental - 1/2 Kiln Shelf

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Rent 1/2 Kiln Shelf for your Firing ($45.00)

What's Included:

  • Mouse over the image to see a close-up
  • No Electricity or Ventilation Charges
  • Firings Must be Scheduled in Advance (1 -2 Weeks in advance)
  • Professional Studio Staff Loading / Unloading
  • 2-3 Week Firing Turnaround Times
  • Standard Cone 06 Bisque or Cone 6 Glaze Firing ONLY

Measurements: Please ensure that you measure your work correctly before you purchase a Kiln Rental.  A Single Piece or Multiple Pieces that utilize a space 7" Inches in Height and 10" inches in width only.

Clay, Glazes and Other Materials: Please ensure that the clay, glazes and all other materials you have used on your work are Rated for Cone 6 Firing Temperatures. 

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